1. Nomming in the Bay: Part 7

    Holy crap, can’t believe it’s been almost 6 months since I’ve last blogged. My bad! But on a good note, that also means I’m more than 6 months behind on my posts so I definitely have A LOT of meals to talk about! :D

    The Melting Pot, San Mateo

    Got an OpenTable deal for this, so it was a pretty good deal, but I can’t remember exactly how much it costed. It consisted of a 4 course fondue meal for 4 with 2 bottles of wine. We ended up taking the wine home lol. 

    1st Course: Cheese Fondue

    All our utensils and the pot. 

    Traditional Swiss Cheese Fondue. Gruyere and Emmenthaler Swiss Cheeses with White Wine, Garlic, Nutmeg, Lemon and Kirschwasser. Bread, Veggies and Granny Smith Apples for dipping. This was delish! By far the best cheese fondue I have ever had in my life. The bread was really good and went well with the cheese. The veggies and apples were super fresh and yum!

    2nd Course: Salad

    California Salad. Mixed Baby Greens, Roma Tomatoes, Candied Pecans, Gorgonzola Cheese with Raspberry Black Walnut Vinaigrette. This was yum! I love me some gorgonzola in my salads, and the dressing worked really well with the sweet pecans and the tomatoes. 

    Spinach Mushroom Salad. Spinach, Baby Portobello Mushrooms, Red Onion, Bacon, Roma Tomatoes with a Burgundy Shallot Vinaigrette. This was alright, but nothing to write home about. The ingredients were super fresh but the dressing wasn’t that great compared to the other one. 

    3rd Course: Entree Soup Fondue

    Fondue Fusion. Lobster Tail, Angus Sirloin, Shrimp, Buffalo Chicken, Memphis-Style BBQ Pork Tenderloin, and Wild Mushroom Sacchetti. The lobster tail was really good and fresh. The sirloin was also super good. The sacchetti was definitely interesting, reminded me a little of Asian dumplings. The meat however was very seasoned and I think it was a bit much to actually boil it in another savory soup. It got a little too salty at times. 

    Mojo. Caribbean-inspired bouillon with Garlic and Citrus. It was really good because it had a bit of a coconut-like note to it. Butter for the lobster on the right side of the soup pot. 


    Side of Potatoes, Mushrooms, and Broccoli. With Green Goddess Sauce (Cream cheese, sour cream, onions, chives, and parsley). I loved the potatoes, they were super delicious with the Mojo soup. I didn’t really use this sauce because I felt like my food didn’t need all the extra flavor from the sauce even though it was delish. 

    Curry Sauce (Curry yogurt sauce), Teriyaki Glaze (Teriyaki sauce with garlic, ginger, and onions), and Ginger Plum (Red and green peppers, ginger, and plum). The curry sauce was really good on the chicken. But my favorite of all was definitely the ginger plum, just the right amount of tangy sweetness. The teriyaki sauce was good too, but nothing special and definitely nothing to write home about. 

    4th Course: Dessert Chocolate Fondue

    Pure Dark Chocolate Fondue. With Bailey’s Irish Cream. This was good, but a bit too sweet for my liking. I was expecting the dark chocolate to not be as sweet, so I am glad I got this instead of the milk or white chocolates, but it was still too sweet. 

    Served with Rice Krispies Squares, Strawberries, Pound Cake, Brownies, Bananas, and Cheesecake. My faves were dipping the fruit, rice krispies and pound cake. The rest made the already too-sweet chocolate even sweeter. 

    Yu Zen, San Francisco

    Green Tea. Super green and Incredible Hulky and so good!

    Salad. Came with my entree. Super good and pretty fresh. The carrot sesame oil dressing was a surprising combination and really delish. 

    Miso Soup. Came with my entree. Alright, pretty decent but also not anything special.

    Tuna Sashimi and Mountain Yam topped with Seaweed. This was nommy, the tuna was fresh and delicious. The mountain yam was interesting and definitely not for everyone. Our server actually gave us a disclaimer just in case, telling me and my friend that it was a bit on the slippery side. And I must say it is quite slimy indeed, but with a bland flavor, similar to turnips. 

    Chirashi. With Salmon, Egg, Tuna, Hamachi, Yellowtail, Snapper, Sweet Shrimp, Roe, and Mushrooms. Super delicious, by far one of the best and freshest chirashi that has ever reached my tummy. The fish was super fresh and yummy. The shrimp was legit sweet shrimp! I hate the places that claim the shrimp is sweet shrimp but it isn’t. Great quality food for a decent price. YUM. 

    Healthy Porridge, Milpitas

    Beef Noodle Soup. Definitely not a fan. The noodles were kind of gummy and sticky and the soup was way too thick, they added way too much starch in it to thicken it, overkill to the max. Basically a huge puddle of gooey stickiness, it’s enough to kill an appetite because it did mine!

    Stinky Tofu. It was okay, just okay. I’ve definitely had better elsewhere as they did not do that great of a job frying it, no crispy skin sadface!

    Oyster Pancake. THE WORST oyster pancake I’ve ever had in my life. The pancake itself wasn’t fried well, don’t think their stove was heated well enough. It lacked “wok-air” and the sauce was gross, definitely not legit and not tasty at all. Poor excuse for an oyster pancake, seriously. 

    Purple Kow, San Francisco

    Iced Milk. With Boba and Egg Pudding. So delish! My drink of choice from Purple Kow since I highly dislike their milk tea, don’t think it’s that great and not tasty enough to be worth the wait. Their iced milk, on the other hand, is delish! But it’s also more of a dessert than just a boba drink because it’s pretty sweet and can make you very full, but it also depends on who makes your drink. I’ve also come to realize that it’s not that difficult to make either because it’s just low-fat milk, evaporated milk, and brown sugar. It’s still pretty good and I love that I get a huge bucket of it when I do decide to make the trek out there. NOM!

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  3. GREAT Super Bowl party idea, be it a little late.

    GREAT Super Bowl party idea, be it a little late.

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Korean mochi bread with sesame seeds
(Filed under: I baked Asian things today! And they’re crumply because I accidentally deflated them all when I turned them over, woopsies.)



    Korean mochi bread with sesame seeds

    (Filed under: I baked Asian things today! And they’re crumply because I accidentally deflated them all when I turned them over, woopsies.)

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  7. Nomming in the Bay: Part 6

    Orenchi Ramen, Santa Clara

    Orenchi Salad. Lettuce, Cherry Tomatoes, Chicken, Red Cabbage topped with Fried Noodles and Miso Dressing. This was alright, maybe because I’m not much of a fan of peanut-tasting dressings I didn’t enjoy it all that much. The dressing reminded me of a miso dressing I got from Ranch 99 before. It was covered in dressing also, a little bit of an overkill so I didn’t really like that either. But the chicken in the salad was tender and good, just wish it had less dressing on it.

    Orenchi Ramen. Tonkotsu Soup Base with Soft-boiled Seasoned Egg, Green Onions, Pork, Bamboo Shoots, Mushrooms, Seaweed and Sesame Seeds. Still as good as it used to be! I think they may use duck eggs instead of chicken eggs now, because I noticed that the yolk was a lot more orange and golden colored than it used to be. The egg is also bigger than before also, not that I’m complaining because I get more food, but just an observation! 

    San Tung Chinese Restaurant, SF

    Kimchi. Always comes free, love me some freebies! Super yummy and delicious but also packs a punch!

    Dry Fried Green Beans. So good! I could eat this everyday, way to make veggies taste delicious. The stronger flavors of the sauce worked well with the natural flavor of the green beans, the green beans neutralized the flavors a bit.  Just the right amount of nommy sauce and flavor with the springy greenness of green beans. 

    Dry Fried Chicken Wings. This is by far my most favoritest dish here ever! I could eat this everyday too! I love how crispy and sweet the chicken wings are, plus the honey and sugar in the sauce make it skin slightly chewy. It’s super well-flavored and uber nommy! I’ve had both the dry fried chicken wings and the wet fried before but I’ve never been able to tell the difference, if someone knows please enlighten me because I’m literally dying to know…

    Potstickers. This was alright, not my fave for sure. It’s just pork and lettuce and stuff inside. Didn’t really think it was anything special nor anything special to write home about. 

    Purple Kow, SF

    Green Milk Tea. With Boba. This was alright. Sure, they make their tea fresh, but I didn’t think this particular traditional and classic drink was that great. I think Wonderful Foods Company does a better tea, don’t really see why people would come here for their tea unless it’s for their more special tea creama drinks.  

    McDonald’s, Lafayette

    Had to see what the fuss over the McRib was about. 

    McRib Sandwich. Pretty much a BBQ sauce covered pork patty in a hot dog bun. Pretty good for what you get from McDonald’s, but it also wasn’t cheap. I think it was around $3.29. I honestly don’t expect much from McDonald’s so I thought it was pretty okay. It was interesting and the sauce tasted good, smoky but not overly tangy which I liked. 

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  9. Fillin’ Up My Tummy!

    Three Cup Chicken.

    Giant Fortune Cookie. Super cool looking, but I didn’t get one because it was like $20. Hell to the no, way too much for something so gimmicky but I still thought it was cool enough to be picture-worthy. :P

    <3 Starbucks Holiday Cups! 

    Vegan Blueberry Donut. From Whole Foods, I could do with more gluten. :D

    Orange Morning Bun. From Whole Foods. Pretty good, but it’s no Tartine!

    Yay for legit Greek coffee!

    Pizza pizza!

    It’s been awhile, I know, but this was my contribution to Thanksgiving dinner. Mashed Potatoes nom! 

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